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My Approach

My approach in sessions is centred on you, focusing on the here and now, current situations and difficulties you are experiencing. How you are feeling and behaving at present is often linked to past experiences which remain unresolved and continue to impact on your health and well-being today. Our sessions are based on respect, compassion, empathy and honesty. I will support you in exploring your reasons for wanting therapy, within a non-judgmental environment. By creating a safe, open and genuine relationship with you, we can together find ways to deal with the difficulties you are experiencing. This can help you develop the tools to find clarity and become more confident, empowered and self-fulfilled when dealing with life's challenges.

My purpose as a psychotherapist is to raise your self-awareness and how unresolved situations affect your behaviour, day to day functioning as well as your relationship with others. 

My aim is to support you through your journey to discover more about yourself, your feelings and explore how you react to challenging or difficult situations, both past and present. Life experiences trigger emotions and reactions in you which leaves you feeling a mixture of emotions such as confused, stuck, numb, worried, anxious, fearful and angry. As your self-awareness increases, you become more confident and accepting of yourself and in a better position to change behaviours in yourself that have been holding you back from progressing. 

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