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Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy is a term applied to talking therapy for two people within a relationship. Sessions take place in a safe space and look to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship. Much of the work takes place within the counselling room itself. However, at times and with the couple’s agreement, the therapist will ask you to complete a task in between sessions. This may be in the form of a piece of work or to discuss a topic together at home. You will get the chance to talk about these tasks in your next session, discussing any challenges you came up against and how the experience made you both feel.


Whilst couple’s therapy is ideally suited to couples attending the sessions together, sometimes one partner is reluctant to attend, so you can look to speak to a couple’s therapist on your own, to begin with. You might find your partner wants to join you after you have had some initial sessions alone and it can be helpful to mix couple sessions with individual sessions.

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